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Wisconsin's Marijuana Legalization Journey: Governor's Support for Medical Marijuana

In a significant turn of events for marijuana enthusiasts and advocates in Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers, a strong proponent of full recreational marijuana legalization, has signaled his openness to a more limited approach: medical marijuana legalization. This shift in perspective brings renewed hope for a change in the state's marijuana laws. 

In this article, we'll delve into the unfolding developments in Wisconsin, explore the potential benefits of medical marijuana, and discuss why obtaining a medical marijuana card can be a crucial step for residents.

Governor Evers' Evolving Stance

Governor Evers, a Democrat, has consistently advocated for the comprehensive legalization of marijuana, encompassing both medical and recreational use. However, the Republican-dominated Statehouse has repeatedly rejected such calls, leading to a political stalemate. 

In a recent interview, Governor Evers expressed his willingness to support a more limited medical marijuana legalization proposal put forth by Republicans. While he believes that addressing all marijuana-related aspects in one go would be more comprehensive, he acknowledges that incremental progress may be a pragmatic approach to meet the needs of Wisconsin residents who have long requested marijuana reform.

The Republican Proposal

Republicans are gearing up to introduce a medical marijuana bill that, if passed, could pave the way for significant changes in Wisconsin's marijuana laws. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos stated that the proposal would be limited in scope and could resemble the medical marijuana law that was previously in place in neighboring Minnesota before it transitioned to full recreational legalization. 

Vos also expressed concern that if Governor Evers continually frames this limited proposal as a precursor to recreational marijuana, it might jeopardize the bill's chances of success.

Support for a Limited Approach

Several key figures in Wisconsin politics have welcomed Governor Evers' openness to a more limited medical marijuana bill. Republican state Senator Mary Felzkowski, who introduced a medical marijuana bill that saw its first legislative hearing in 2022, expressed her approval of the Governor's stance. 

Senator Felzkowski emphasized that it's essential to focus on the medical aspect of marijuana use and create a framework that ensures patient access to this potentially life-improving treatment.

The Role of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has garnered support across the nation due to its potential to improve the quality of life for individuals dealing with various health conditions. It offers a safer and more effective alternative to traditional treatments, often with fewer side effects. 

For patients, the availability of medical marijuana means personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific medical needs. Consulting with healthcare experts helps patients select the most suitable strains and products, ensuring the best possible outcome. One crucial aspect of accessing medical marijuana is obtaining a medical marijuana card. 

These cards provide legal protection, allowing patients to use marijuana for medical purposes within the confines of state law. In states like Wisconsin, where recreational marijuana remains illegal, having a medical marijuana card is a lifeline for patients. It ensures that they don't have to turn to unregulated sources and guarantees the safety and consistency of their treatment.

Wisconsin's Position

Wisconsin stands out as an outlier among U.S. states when it comes to marijuana legislation. While 38 states have legalized medical marijuana and 24 have embraced recreational use, Wisconsin remains steadfast in its conservative approach. This, however, may change as the momentum for legalization builds, with a Marquette University Law School poll consistently showing strong support for marijuana reform among Wisconsin residents.


Governor Tony Evers' willingness to consider a limited medical marijuana proposal marks a significant shift in Wisconsin's approach to marijuana legislation. While the path to full legalization remains uncertain, the potential benefits of medical marijuana cannot be ignored. Medical marijuana offers hope for patients facing severe health conditions, providing a safer and more effective treatment option. 

The importance of obtaining a medical marijuana card in states like Wisconsin, where marijuana remains illegal for recreational use, cannot be understated. As the state navigates this evolving landscape, the conversation around marijuana reform in Wisconsin continues to gain momentum, and residents are watching closely to see how their state embraces change.

Get Ready for Medical Marijuana in Wisconsin

Although medical marijuana is not yet legal in the State of Wisconsin, it will be soon! We are hopeful that progress will be made this upcoming session. In the meantime, contact your lawmakers and let them know you want medical cannabis in Wisconsin to help the process along!

Marijuana is a natural alternative medicine that has been in use for thousands of years for a variety of medical conditions and their symptoms. If you think you could benefit from medical cannabis, there is a good chance you will qualify for your medical card.

You should be ready for medical marijuana to come to Wisconsin. In order to do this, you can reserve an appointment with us today and we will schedule an appointment for you just as soon as the state’s medical program becomes operational.

You’ll meet with your new doctor virtually, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer for a telemedicine appointment. Together you’ll discuss your conditions, whether you qualify for a Wisconsin Marijuana Card, and what medical marijuana might be able to do for you, all without even leaving your home! And you’ll even save $25 off the cost of your evaluation!

In the meantime, check back to our blogs and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on Wisconsin’s program! It is so important to stay informed on this issue if you are hoping to get your medical card as soon as possible.

The wait is almost over! We hope to see you soon!

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